About HPE

We are a small team of dedicated individuals based in Pickering, North Yorkshire. Established for over 40 years, HPE Print has built a reputation for quality and personal service.

"Really loving your work.

Speedy, attractive, careful and thoughtful.

Thank you very very much

have a day."

Paul, Potter Hill Fisheries


We believe in providing a personal service. That means we like to talk to you about your job to ensure that we are both happy about your expectations - we don't just print!

"Loved what you have done with the Menu. Front cover looks great."Alison, Cedarbarn


Using some of the very latest technology, with in-house design and finishing facilities, we can cover most aspects
of printing.

It looks brilliant. Thank you ever so much. You can definitely press the print button.Hope that all went well for you this morning...Liz, Saltersgate Farmers' Hunt

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Telephone: 01751 473578